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Beyond the Asana: Intelligence beyond IQ and the Yoga Mat

Yogi's Intelligence extends far beyond IQ, Asana and the yoga mat. It's a journey of self enquiry and wholeness, the integration of mind, body, and spirit. While physical postures are one of the eight limbs and provide the gateway, the true purpose lies in awakening the other limbs of Yoga connecting with the intelligence and mastery that lies within each of us. And just as the asanas awaken muscles and joints, we must also awaken the diverse intelligences that lie within us.

As we explore Emotional Intelligence and it’s strong connection to yogic practice, we meet Howard Gardner and Daniel Goleman, who shed light on the spectrum of human intelligence beyond the common theory of high intelligence meaning a high IQ. Howard Gardner teaches multiple Intelligences and unveils a kaleidoscope of cognitive strengths and Daniel Goleman, reveals the profound power of self-awareness and empathic connection. The ground where these insights intersect is a place where yogis can truly flourish.

Let's explore these intelligences, as guiding lights to uncover our brilliance and our unique intelligent qualities, to empower us and guide us on our yogic path:

1. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence: Through this intelligence, we translate internal awareness into precise movements, finding grace and balance in every pose. From the warrior's fierce stance to a dancer's flow, we embody strength, flexibility, and control, becoming architects of our own physical potential.

2. Visual-Spatial Intelligence: This intelligence helps us visualise internal anatomy, connect to energy flow, and align ourselves with the subtle geometry of the poses. As we close our eyes and journey inward, we feel the subtle movements of energy and the power of  awareness within.

3. Linguistic Intelligence: The yogi's practice isn't merely physical; it's a dialogue with the self and others. This intelligence whispers intentions, affirmations with positive self talk, alongside positive whispers of introspection. This is the skill to articulate our experiences and share wisdom, in an engaging vibrant way.

4. Musical Intelligence: This intelligence allows us to tap into symphonies and move through warrior flows with the  grace of a celestial dance.  Those with musical intelligence are well connected to musical notes and have a flair for playing musical instruments. 

5. Interpersonal Intelligence: This intelligence guides us in cultivating empathy, understanding, and respect for ourselves and others. We build connections through shared, mindful interactions, and our unspoken language of experience with gestures.

6. Intrapersonal Intelligence: This intelligence empowers us to delve into the depths of our own consciousness, confront shadows with non judgement and self-compassion, and cultivate mental clarity and emotional resilience. The breath becomes our anchor, our awareness our guiding light, as we navigate the inner self with courage and curiosity.

7. Existential Intelligence: Beyond the poses, yoga becomes a gateway to enquire with questions about life, death, and our place in the universe. This intelligence fuels our philosophical inquiry, ignites our search for meaning, and connects us to something greater than ourselves. As we contemplate the vastness of space and existence, we find peace in the present moment, embracing the mystery and beauty of being.

8. Moral Intelligence: This intelligence aligns with the 8 limbs and guides us in aligning our actions with our highest values, cultivating kindness, compassion, and non-violence in every aspect of our lives. It reminds us that our practice extends beyond the mat, inspiring us to be beacons of light in a modern world that frequently stumbles in the darkness..

9. Emotional Intelligence: My favourite!  This intelligence enables us to navigate our dance of emotions with wisdom and grace. We become emotionally literate, we learn to delve into the layers of our feelings, observe our patterns of behaviour, exchange any judgement for self-compassion, and understand our triggers,  As we become aware of our emotional inner world, we cultivate inner peace and create stronger, more authentic connections through effective communication with others.

10. Creative Intelligence: This intelligence allows us to discover our own creative voice.  Whether it's creative Yoga sequences, composing heartfelt mantras, or beautiful artistry off the mat, creativity breathes life into our very being. Explore the areas where you shine, and celebrate your unique understanding of intelligence. May your practice forever illuminate your path and inspire you to share your unique light with the world.

Are you an Emotionally Intelligent Yogi?  Visit the website to find out


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