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Yoga to ease Pain

Stretch with Block
Kundalini Yoga Stretch Pose

What you can become with the strength to overcome.

Techniques such as breathing, meditation and Irest Yoga Nidra can empower you to live alongside your pain rather than fight against it.  


Back pain in particular can be soothed and managed with simple Yoga stretches practiced over time. There is often no permanent solution to chronic pain, however, yoga therapy does show people a way to reconsider current medications and treatments with tools for self-management.

Challenges with physical pain can lead to psychological and emotional pain, Yoga can help release tension from your mind giving you an opportunity to find peace and tranquility during times of stress.

By holistically assessing the human experience of pain, people are supported in both mind and body, empowering themselves to live as happily as possible despite the challenges chronic pain can bring.  


In our sessions we will discuss and work alongside any advice from your current health professional as not to exacerbate any pain you are experiencing.

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