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Equilibrium Equestrian

The key to success in the saddle is balance of your mind and body and a good connection to your horse. I offer Yoga and Pilates Rider Training to prepare riders mentally and physically for success.


Equestrian Yoga and Pilates helps you find and build your inner core, create resilience, increase fitness, and create suppleness for overall stability and balance in the saddle. 


Body awareness through Yoga and Pilates can be easily be transferred to the saddle, and with a stronger awareness of your body you will recognise any imbalances and rectify before they create any issues.

I build your mental resilience through Yoga Nidra and Sports Psychology techniques to cultivate a future focus positive mindset for your success.

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My Equestrian coaching includes:

A body reset, we locate and switch off unnecessary muscles that can create imbalance in the saddle, this allows us to create a blank canvas for a strong and balanced core.

Coaching you with Pilates exercises to find and build your powerhouse of deep core muscles for a strong, supportive and balanced ride.

Flexibility for suppleness through Yoga, work in synergy with your horses movements to stay balanced in the saddle.

Mindset for success, Yoga Nidra and Breathing Techniques that help you tap into your parasympathetic nervous and keep you emotionally regulated throughout training and competition. 


My Sports Psychology techniques include: positive reflection and self appreciation, imagery and visualisation, reframing thoughts to eliminate negative thought patterns, and future focus repetitive exercises that teach you how focus on the future and not the past for that win you deserve.  

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